Lintz & Eckhardt 101 – Chainstich Embroidery Machine

Lintz & Eckhardt 101

This machine embroidered chain stitch and moss stitch only. Moss stitch is an unsecured chain stitch and was made by turning the looper forward and the hook of the needle backward. These stitches were worked on all types of fabric from the finest tulle or thinnest lace to the heaviest cloth and many different threads, such as silk, cotton, wool, metal thread, etc., were used to make the chain or moss stitches. This machine was used to decorate curtains, upholstery, coats and dresses. It was also used for marking names and monograms on linen, lingerie and handkerchiefs, for embroidering gloves and stockings and for ornamenting veils and laces, shoes and sandals. The chain stitch gave a back stitch reverse side of the fabric and this back stitch was often used for decoration instead of the chain stitch.
(Quote from Machine Embroidery a complete guide by Christine Risley)